• Down 50 oz. water (to find out how much water your body needs daily: Take your weight and divide by 2. The quotient is your dose in oz.!)
  • Three square meals, minimal snacks
    • Health food only
      • No processed, “little debbie-esque” crap
    • Snacks shall only consist of things such as sliced carrots, or whole grain crackers and natural cheese
    • Dinners: home-made only
      • This is to get me back in the kitchen and exercise my talents/skills: also, to be a gift upon my family



  • Follow our P90X disc series
  • Streeeeeeeeeeetch them muscles!


  • Measure biceps, torso, rump-a-dump, and thighs
  • Weigh myself
    • I never do this d:



  • Blog
  • 365
  • Work on something artistic to express myself



I shall post a blog about the current days’ journey. It will include:

  • How I am feeling physically
  • What P90X had me doing that day
  • What I ate
  • My daily 365 photo
  • A photo of the piece of art I started/worked on/finished that day


I will post my new body measurements and weight. (These probably won’t change much, if at all. d: But then, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised! Or not so pleasantly…Hmm.)


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