My 90-day Journey

On May 10th, 2010, I will embark on the journey of my life! Huzzah.

…Maybe it won’t be that dramatic, but it certainly will be a challenge. It will be the journey to my (hopefully) ideal body, ideal health, and ideal creative output-ness.

How did this get sparked? My body is flabby-wabby. I do not, by any means, think that I am fat (my BMI is actually underweight…). But, I do know that rather than being skin and bones, I’m fat and bones on a stick. Ha. I just want that fat gone because it is unhealthy and I want muscle to be in its place! So what will I be doing about this? P90X. For 90 days. I say BRING IT!!!

After coming up with this original plan, I realized I could expand it to include my diet. Since becoming a vegetarian, my body’s health has be depleting. I can feel it. I used to NEVER, repeat never, get sick. But since cutting the meat, I’ve since been sick thrice. This is in the time span of several months. Holy cow. It’s not the lack of meat that’s the problem; it’s what I’ve been allowing myself to eat that is the problem. And so, I shall be eating as best I can. I’m going to need it for the workouts that will be coming my way!

Lastly, I decided to expand my plan further more, to include challenging myself to blog more and create more art, including the 365 photo challenge I have always wanted so badly to finish.

So amituofo, more chi, train harder!


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