I flipping love purple, in a deep, slightly red shad. I could go on for days about this color. The mystery, depth, beauty, romance, and intensity, of this color astounds me. Ahh.


Gasoline. I breathe it in deep every time I’m filling up at the pump; but nowadays it seems to not be quite as fragrant! ): What’s up with that, man. I remember being younger and being scolded when I was caught putting my nose to the gas cap at the station…


I adore blogging; photography; sinking into a much needed nap; designing and decorating; and cleaning and organizing.

If you give me any sort of vegetarian cliche Chinese food, I will gobble it up first, thank you second. (Egg rolls are my FAAAAVORITE. With sweet and sour sauce, of course.)


Howl’s Moving Castle, for certain. I highly reccomend it to everyone of all ages.


Someone playing with my hair, or when they shampoo it at the hair salon. Mmm.

Body Function:

Tearing up. It’s crazy radical how your body can produce one perfect little round drop of salt water, and then shove it through the side of your face and your eyeball. And then it can roooollllllll. Speaking of which, crying is a wondrous thing. You are sad (or overjoyed) so, naturally, saltwater begins to spill out your face…Awesome. Makes sense 🙂


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