Bucket List

  1. See the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan
  2. Find my life’s passion
  3. Follow it
  4. Start up my own business for something I absolutely love
  5. Have complete financial freedom
  6. Design my own home and have it built
  7. Live in another country for at least 6 months
  8. Travel the entire world
  9. Love myself
  10. Find ‘him’
  11. Have a book published
  12. Film, direct, and produce my own movie
  13. Achieve my ideal body
  14. Try out figure skating (I have always wanted to – childhood dream here.)
  15. Ride in a hot air balloon
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Plant my own tree and watch it grow
  18. Throw a mega party
  19. Have a complete make-over to surprise even myself
  20. Play the piano like a master
  21. Take up dancing such as: Salsa, ballroom, the foxtrot…
  22. Try a martial art
  23. Go backpacking
  24. Pull a ‘Yes Man’ stunt and get a ticket to the very next flight
  25. Swim with dolphins
  26. Go snorkeling
  27. Visit the red wood forest
  28. Try origami
  29. Try a raw veagan diet
  30. Gain closure on all of my past grievances and baggage
  31. Go on a date with someone I’ve only dreamed of meeting
  32. Go on a cruise
  33. Visit the castles in Ireland
  34. Own a vintage typewriter

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