Here it is. My first blog.


Is it weird that I’m afraid of this? A first post, I mean. And yes of course it’s weird, I’ve had this thing for like, a week, but haven’t posted anything. Why? I don’t want to mess it up, I want to keep it perfect. The fresh, clean, blank slate of it all. I don’t want to post something on here that isn’t absolutely PERFECT. I’m a perfectionist, yes.

But finally, as I am sitting here with my glass of fresh lemon & lime juice, an internet connection on the fritz and lights dimmed, my boyfriend’s and I playlist playing in the background, I’ve had inspiration strike me across the back of the head. What about?

…ba da da-DUUUM!!!

SUMMMMMMMMMMMMER! Yes, that’s right folks, you’ve heard it here first. Summer is an official 25 days away!! (Also, tomorrow is my half-birthday. But that is on a side-note.)

Barfoot, warm UV rays licking my skin, freckles, the scent of freshly mowed lawn grass, children and dogs alike frolicking. Reading lists, sporadic car adventures, picnics, theatre in the park, drive-in movies. Whispery all-nighters, laughter, firelight, the croon of cicadas.

Have I made you sigh with dreamy adoration yet? Because now I can’t stop! And so therefore, I declare it is time for a list. A summer list! One that will grow and change. I am a huge fan of lists 😀 I practically make lists of lists. Lists are trailed throughout my house, scattered on my bedroom floor, on random pages in notebooks from several years ago. I also make lists on my phone, iTouch, and computer at school. Cough. Geez, I sound like I need to go to List Makers Anonymous! But really, it’s not that bad. (…Mentally counts the number of unofficial lists in this post already: 2. a. The List Of Summer’s Wonders, b. The List Of Where You May Find My Lists.)

Jessica’s List Of Summer Fun AKA Adventure Is Out There!! (UP reference)

1. Splash around in a creek

2. Camp out

3. Go to the drive-in

4. Have a movie marathon

5. Become employed

6. Start a photography blog (I’m hoping to have a separate page on this blog for that. Keep your eyes peeled, but I wouldn’t hold your breath…You’d most likely end up keeling over…)

7. Play in the rain

8. Sing my heart out

9. Bake a pie

10. Design, plan, and plant a flower garden

That’s all for now, folks. Peace and blessings, peace and blessings.



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